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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March GG post... late again..

Epic Gifted Gorgeousness stitching fail this month.... I have no stitching to show you that qualifies for a GG post ;o(


I did win a giveaway! :o)

I won Linda's "guess the number of WIPs/UFOs" giveaway - link here to giveaway win announcement post.  My prize was a gift voucher to 123 Stitch.... thank you Linda :o)

I placed an order yesterday and I can now reveal which item that I used my gift voucher to purchase...

Fur-ever Friends (Linen) - Cross Stitch Kit by Mill Hill
(designed by Laurel Burch)

I thought that this gorgeous chart was very appropriate, not just because it's been on my wish list for some time, but because Linda's blog is called "Stitchin with my furbabies" and I do stitch with my fur babies every day... so it fits me down to a tee :o)
Thanks Linda... I am very happy to have won your giveaway.. and I can't wait to start stitching this cute kitty and puppy!

So that's it for this small but exciting post!  I will try and pop back tomorrow and show you a progress report on my stitching.

Til next time, happy stitching
hugs xx

Jo from Serendipitous Stitching hosts the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL.  The GG SAL is about stitching charts/kits or using fabrics & threads that we have received as gifts, won in giveaways or anything that is intended be a gift or giveaway prize... or anything else that you can loosely use the word "gift" for!!  If you wish to sign up for this SAL, click on link here, or the button on my sidebar and you will be re-directed to Jo's blog.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Progress Update - February 2017

web image
Hi there!  I thought I would do a quick post to show you some of the other things that I stitched on during February.  You have seen some of the February stitching already in the Smalls and WIPocalypse posts, but there were also some others that got a little bit of love...

New starts (and there were a couple!) and WIP progress

Dragon Birthstone SAL - Ingleside Imaginarium
Started February (Amethyst Dragon)
Also stitched some more on the January Garnet Dragon

Lakeside Fantasy SAL - Durene Jones
Started February (Mermaid)
As you can see not a lot happening with this... I need to get stitching and finish off December, January and February... and start March!

Cross Stitch, It's Fun / Stitchwats - Weekly Challenge - Meliciously Happy
7 Starts in 7 Days - minimum of 50 stitches per start
Each start had a theme around being happy....

Start #1: Garden Boots - Mill Hill Kit

Start #2: Honey Bee Card - Free Gift Cross Stitcher Magazine
Start #4: Happy Easter Card - Free Gift Cross Stitcher Magazine

Start #5: Bumble Bee Card - Free Gift Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine

Start #6: Frog Card - Free Gift Cross Stitch Crazy

You may notice that I didn't show you Start #3 and Start #7 from that challenge here... that is because they are both finished and are mentioned in my Smalls Post (Tulip/Spring Card & Pig fridge magnet).

The free kits from the UK cross stitch magazines really come in handy for these types of challenges!

Dog Park - Satsuma Street
10 A Day Project (FB Group)
When I last showed you this one it looked like this (top middle pic in the collage):

It now looks like this.... for the most part I am sticking to the 10 stitches a day... but every now again I will do 11 or 12 if I need to finish a section or a thread.  I got a little bit bored stitching yellow and moved over to the blue and green tree.

So that's it for this progress report.... March has begun and there will be lots more stitching to come I'm sure!

Til next time, happy stitching ;o)

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

WIPocalypse Check In - February 2017

WIPocalypse is hosted by Measi's Musings
WIPocalypse is run by Melissa over at Measi's Musings and is now in it's 6th year (amazing!).  The object of the WIPocalypse is to stitch on projects that you want to complete before the end of the world! 

At the beginning of January I picked out 17 WIPocalypse projects to work on in 2017.  The full list of my 17 projects can be found on my WIPocalypse 2017 page.

So what did I manage to work on during February?  Pretty much the same projects as last month!

Deer and Grapes Mystery SAL (Jean Farish)
This is where this project was when you last saw it at the end of January:

It now looks like this:

12 Days of Christmas (Plum Street Samplers)
Second Day is almost done....

Halloween Happiness (Sandra Cozzolino)
Mini finish - the witch and her familiars are done

Isn't she just so cute!

So that's the update bit out of the way.... now onto the question of the month:

What is your favorite stitch other than the standard cross stitch?  (bonus points if you provide a how-to link or diagram it on your blog post!)

I am not sure if I have favourite stitch other than the standard cross stitch... but I will admit that I am one of the weird ones that actually likes doing back stitch! I think that back stitch gives a design definition and often lifts the design from drab to amazing!  There are some designs that don't need it, but for those that do, back stitch really brings out the features.  Margaret Sherry is one designer that uses a lot of back stitch to bring out the characters in her designs.

Below are two pictures of something I prepared before which shows exactly what I mean:
Before back stitch
(progress pic - more cross stitching was also needed before this was finished!)
Final finish...
the mouse really stands out after the back stitch is added
As far as instructions go... there are heaps of tutorials out there in the stitching world in various forms (ie web, magazines, books, blogs).  A quick search of the interweb bought up the following diagram and instructions for basic back stitch from Sublime Stitching

Make a single, straight stitch (1-2) as long or short as you want. (I make mine approx 1/4" or a bit shorter.) Continue along your pattern line, but come up a space ahead (3) and bring your needle back down into the same hole at the end of the last stitch you made.

Another good tutorial for back stitching with cross stitch patterns can be found on the Scarlett Quince website - link is here

So that's it for the February's WIPocalypse update!  Next month's check in is on Sunday 26th March 2017.  If you want to see what everyone else has posted, drop into Measi's blog and check out the February link up page.

Til then, happy stitching and good luck with your WIPocalypse projects!
Hugs xx

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Smalls Check In - February 2017

The Smalls SAL is hosted by Stitching Lotus

It's the end of February... goodness that month flew by!  I do have some finishes to show you!!

First Flowers of Spring card (Free gift from Cross Stitcher Magazine)
Started: 21 Feb 2017
Finished: 22 Feb 2017

Winter Bird (Mill Hill Kit)
Started: 17 Jan 2017
Finished: 25 Feb 2017 (FFO'd)

Pig Fridge Magnet (Free gift from The Cross Stitcher Magazine)
Started: 25 Feb 2017
Finished: 26 Feb 2017 (FFO'd)

I also have one other finish... technically it's not a small but it is a mini finish!

Halloween Happiness - Witch and Friends
I am stitching this piece for the Halloween Ornie Blog - February's theme was Witches.

So that's it from me for this month....  To see everyone's Smalls posts for February, pop over to Heather's blog and check out the link up post.

Next Month – The next Smalls SAL check-in will take place on Friday, 31st March 2017.  

See you next month! Happy Smalls stitching
Hugs xx

Monday, February 20, 2017

Leaving my comfort zone....

Floss Tube!  Most of us have by now heard all about Floss Tube.... I love watching Floss Tube!  I generally watch it on the train going to and from work during the week, and on the weekends either Stitcherista, The Stash Queen, Vonna, or one of the many others of FlossTubers on my watch list, are my companions during my Sunday morning ironing sessions and stitching time!  Floss Tube is certainly a great way to while away a few hours, and it really should come with a health warning for my credit card!

So why I am going on about Floss Tube, do I hear you ask? Well... on Saturday I stepped out of my comfort zone and finally made a video and uploaded it to Floss Tube (Youtube)!

What a marathon effort.... I have been thinking about doing a video for quite some time now, and in January I nearly did get the courage up to do it but faltered at the final hurdle!  But on Saturday while hubby was out I thought it's now or never! Never it nearly was too.... I don't know how many times I started to record and stopped because I tripped over my words... said something ridiculous or my mind went blank!  I didn't think I was a perfectionist but it would appear that maybe I am!  Finally though I got going and once I got going... it was hard to stop talking!  Luckily I had planned to only talk about a couple of things otherwise I might still be recording!! :o)

Anyway... enough chatter.... If you would like to see my very first Floss Tube video - the link is here. If you do happen to watch it I would love to hear your thoughts :o)

Now that I have survived the first one... I think I will try and do another one again soon, after all I am pretty good at talking the hind legs off a donkey!

Til next time... happy stitching
Hugs x